Frequently Asked Questions

Is membership open to anyone world-wide?

Yes. Anyone may enter for an ASMC diploma from anywhere in the world.

When must entry be made?

Entry may be made at any time. Whilst not compulsory, it is advisable to contact ASMC before submitting however.

How should payment be made?

Payment may be made in Australian Dollars by cash, direct debit or bank transfer. Credit card payments may also be made via our on-line payment system using various world currencies.

When and how am I advised of the result?

Results will initially be advised by email within one month of receipt of submissions. Final results will be posted shortly afterwards. Successful candidates will receive a hand-inscribed diploma certificate along with details of their entitlement to additional qualifications and awards offered by ASMC’s affiliated organisations.

How can I become an Examiner and/or Council member?

From time to time, appropriately qualified & experienced musicians may be invited to join the ASMC Council and/or panel of examiners. ASMC is always delighted to receive recommendations in this respect.

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